Effective October 1, 2015, couples may file a joint petition for divorce, which the Statute has labeled as “non-adversarial dissolution”. A non-adversarial divorce is intended to be a quick and simple procedure for eligible couples to divorce within thirty-five (35) days.

The eligibility requirements are:

  1. The marriage has broken down irretrievably;
  2. This marriage is less than eight (8) years;
  3. Neither party is pregnant, and no children were born to or adopted prior to or during the marriage
  4. Neither must have an interest in real estate (land);
  5. The combined fair market value of all property owned by the parties is less than $35,000.00;
  6. Neither must have a defined pension plan;
  7. There is no pending bankruptcy petition(s);
  8. No other divorce action is pending in this or any other state;
  9. No restraining order or protective order is in effect; and
  10. Neither must be a recipient of state or local assistance – or benefits under
  11. Title XIX of the Social Security Act.

I will be accepting qualifying cases on a flat-fee basis.  Please contact me for further details.

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