Alimony, sometimes called spousal support, is a monetary allowance for the maintenance of one spouse. Temporary alimony may be ordered during the pendency of the divorce while the parties are engaged in litigation, determining their respective rights arising out of the marriage. Permanent alimony may come about in the final divorce in an amount and period of time as may be agreed upon by the parties or as may be ordered by the Court.

All alimony awards itn Connecticut are discretionary with the judge and are based on certain statutory criteria. Alimony awards in Connecticut may be modifiable as to time and amount, and sometimes based on certain events occurring. At the final divorce if alimony is not requested by either party and/or granted by the Court, that party may not return to the Connecticut Court or any other court in the future to obtain alimony regardless of that spouse’s life circumstances.

No two cases are ever the same, and it would be wise to consult and retain an attorney if you believe you may be entitled to alimony. If you would like to learn more information, please contact me.

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