Divorce Mediation

Our divorce mediation program was designed to aid couples and families through the divorce process in a more cost effective and time efficient manner, while allowing couples to maintain control and protect their families.

With the dual role of being a family law attorney and mediator, Joseph E. DePaola takes divorcing couples through the entire divorce process. After assisting couples in the mediation process, and helping them come to a settlement agreement, he prepares and files all the court documents necessary to finalize the divorce.

As a result of this you will never need to step into a court room.

Benefits of using our Mediation Program

  • Many couples stay friends following the divorce
  • Our process is financially prudent
  • You will be able to act within the best interests of your children

Mediation is flexible and confidential. It gives you and your spouse a way to settle the conflict between you, which is natural and inevitable, in a way that helps you to work together as parents after your divorce. Mediation is voluntary. It continues only for so long as you and your spouse want it to continue.

Still have questions? Ask Joe or call him at 203-239-5844