Collaborative Divorce

In Collaborative Divorce, couples who have decided to end their marriage work with a team of professionals to avoid the arbitrary outcomes of court litigation and to achieve a divorce settlement that best meets the specific needs of both parties and their children.

The Collaborative Divorce process is controlled by the parties involved. It keeps the decision-making power where it belongs, with you and your spouse. This is very different from a court process where the court and state decide what the divorce settlement and co-parenting arrangement will be.

Role of Joseph E. DePaola in Collaborative Family Law

  • Represent the best interests of his/her respective client while maintaining the overall goals of the Collaborative process.
  • Work with the other attorney and the Collaborative team to help the parties design the settlement agreement that is most appropriate for their family.
  • Facilitate the settlement discussion and incorporate client agreements into the final settlement documents.
  • Prepare all the documents that need to be filed with the Court.
  • Cross-border finance
  • Debt capital markets

How Collaborative Divorce Helps

There are five ways that collaboration can cut down on the bitterness and expense of divorce, while giving you results that you want. You and your spouse can:

  • stabilize the situation through a temporary agreement
  • exchange all necessary information voluntarily
  • agree on legal procedures that minimize expense and streamline the process
  • negotiate a settlement that works for you, and
  • decide how to handle post-divorce decisions.

Whether you and your spouse use collaboration from the very beginning of the divorce process or only for part of it, you will save time and money. Perhaps just as important, you will likely get through the divorce with your privacy and dignity intact.

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